For wellness creators who are ready to create serious list growth + wouldn't mind making more money.

A step-by-step system for creating an online challenge that sells your program. 

I’m ready to turn strangers into clients with an online challenge!

For wellness creators who are ready to create serious list growth + wouldn't mind making more money.

A step-by-step system for creating an online challenge that sells. 

Online challenges are the best list-builder out there (times a million for wellness teachers)... BUT you need the complete funnel strategy or you’re just wasting your time.

57 people signed up for my free challenge, but only 4 people actually participated in the challenge.


I ran a challenge to my list, but it was a lot of time and energy. PLUS, I got no sales on the back end and now I’m wondering what the point of a challenge is. 


No sign-ups to my membership after my 8-week challenge. Oof, how much longer can I do this? 


Everyone dropped out after the first few days. I guess I wasn’t interesting enough or they just didn’t like me or what I have to offer. 


I thought this challenge would attract new clients but it didn’t. What the heck is am I doing wrong?


I didn’t want to be bothersome by sending too many emails about the challenge, so I sent exactly two.  Maybe I should have sent more?


I can’t get anyone to click over from social. My marketing just sucks.


I’ve never worked so hard for so little. Why am I doing this?


Maybe you've tried running an online challenge, but after ho-hum results, you experienced these not-so-helpful thoughts:

I’d love a flurry of new fans and sales!

You’re on the right track by offering a challenge, but what you’re missing is the entire challenge marketing funnel (+ the resulting flurry of new fans and sales.)

This is what I've been waiting for!

We’re teaching online challenges because we know them. And for the first time ever, we are sharing our ENTIRE blueprint from the planning to timing to email templates to design to launching! We’re holding nothing back.

Way back in 2016 (basically the ice age of the Internet), we didn’t have a huge audience or millions of dollars in revenue.

We tried every marketing trick in the book to grow our audience online. There were lots of mistakes. Lots of disappointments. Lots of wasted time and money.

And then... we ran our first free online challenge. Our email list literally exploded overnight. We experienced, for the first time, the dopamine hit that comes from a successful 5-figure launch.

Ever since that first challenge experience, this has been our go-to strategy whenever we want a revenue boost, alongside some hefty list-growth.

It's never failed us.

Hey, we’re Jeni & Sandy, and we’ve grown our list by tens of thousands with free online challenges.

About Jeni + Sandy

Simply drop in your ideas and cheer on the surge of new subscribers + sales.


Go from "I love teaching, but hate marketing" to "I finally found a marketing strategy that I love."

The last list-building strategy you'll ever need to learn.

I am SO ready to move the needle

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If you wish you had a magic wand that would –poof– transform strangers into paying clients, we’re waving it right here.

Run a Challenge.  Move the Needle.

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Challenge schematic and planning calendar

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The Challenge Funnel
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BONUS: 1-Year Pro Plan of Marvelous Software

BONUS: Includes 1-Year Pro Plan of Marvelous Software

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What if I’ve run a challenge in the past?

Fabulous! You're ultra-primed for success. Simply run your challenge content through our lens and make sure that it has all the required elements. Next customize our entire marketing funnel to promote your challenge and let us know the results (we're willing to bet you'll see more peeps and dollar bills).

What if I've never run a challenge before? 

Good news! There's no minimum level of challenge experience required. We’ll walk you through how to design a challenge so that your first one has people excited to show up and participate. You'll also get our entire fill-in-the-blank marketing assets to create your funnel (and understand how they all work together).

What if I don’t have any paid programs yet?

Our Challenge Funnel Blueprint is built with an offer on the backend, but if it’s early days in your business and you don’t have your offer quite nailed down, then use your challenge as a list-building strategy. It will build your list so that when you do create that paid offer, you’ve got an audience to sell to! 

Do I need to be a Marvelous client to use this blueprint? 

What if I'm already a Marvelous client?

Look, we believe that Marvelous is the easiest and most beautiful way to run an online challenge (not to mention, you can also sell the course, membership or group coaching you're selling on the backend) and for that reason we're including a full year of Marveous' Pro Plan as a bonus. In addition to having a an online home your challenge you also have the most gorgeous and intuitive tool to run your entire wellness studio. Score!

First, we love you. Second, send us an email and we'll give you link to purchase the Challenge Funnel Blueprint as a stand alone course. 

How long do I have access to the course?

12-MONTHS! Yes! You get a whole year's access to the course content and any future updates.

Who is a good fit for this course? 

If you want a magic bullet to list building this is as close as it gets. This program works for anyone who loves, loves, loves to teach and is intrigued by a marketing strategy that is focussed around their own teaching and not some trickster, bro-strategy from 2010.

If you are growing and making money from your email list, and you feel "meh" about running an online challenge, this is not for you. Check out our other programs here.

Can I use this blueprint to create a challenge that’s not 5-days?

You’ll learn why we suggest 5-days but yes, if you want to do a shorter one, you can skip some emails. However, if you want to do a longer one, well… we've got some strong opinions about that and we tell all in the program.

Honestly. It's the perfect duo.

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